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  You could have a big dipper   

For Lack of a Sign Post by Craig Kittner

ahead of me, a runner,

all fluidity and self-possession,

lifts a wayward turtle that was headed

to its probable death on the road,

gives it a turn and sets it in the grass

its withdrawn face toward the lake

soon enough my mind is back

in its world of “what can you do?”

chewing the day like any metaphor

you care to apply – and then I hear,

“where's home for you?

where is home for you?”

the unanswered question

hollered into the face

of a cell phone

“I'm telling you, get your ass back home!”


Craig Kittner (he/him) has lived a lot of places. Fourteen at last count. Providence saw the start of interesting things that DC helped solidify. Now he lives near the sea in North Carolina and likes to ramble and write. Recent publications include Rabid Oak, CP Quarterly, Briefly Zine, and Bones. Twitter: @craigkittner

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