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Food of Love by Maria Balbi

"Legends are wrong, Ariel", Captain Hook chopped onions with tears in his eyes; "The love between humans and mermaids is just poets’ fantasy. I should have remembered what my father used to say".

Ariel gasped: "After I left my sea village behind ... You promised to make this work!”

"There's no way, Ariel. Biology is overwhelming. We will never be lovers. Just sad Platonic friends.”

Captain Hook dropped carrots and peppers into the pan.


“Sorry, Ariel.”


Hook turned on the dishwasher.

“Father was right. A mermaid as a lover is not big deal but fried is a good meal”.


Maria Balbi is an Argentinean Psychologist living in Buenos Aires with a grumpy cat named Benito and a tendency to abuse Dulce de Leche. @alejandrabalbi9

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