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Fingernail Dust by Soph

The mud from under

her fingernails smells

like oranges -

she drops the scrapings

into the water

beneath her feet -

she keeps forgetting to

unclog her drain,

the water reaches her ankles

as she bathes

she wonders of the creatures

who live in her shower drain,

the ones who wait for orange

flavored fingernail dirt

for dinner,

do they have flavor preference,

she wants to ask -

sometimes, she considers

disappearing through the drain,

to experience a world away

from hers -

where all she has is

fingernail scented dust

to make a home.


Soph lives in the mountains, where she writes whenever she can. Her recent work can be found in WOW-Women on Writing, where she placed 3rd in the Q3 2021 Essay Contest, Anti-Heroin Chic, Entropy Magazine, and Phoebe Journal. One day, she hopes to run her own tea shop.

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