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Eye On The Money by Carrie Sword

The Great Seal of the United States encircles

the Eye of Providence, and above it

the seal says, “Annuit Coeptis” –

“Providence favors our undertakings.”

Maybe in the excitement

of victory, the founders of America

presumed to speak for the eye

who speaks with a silent gaze.

That watcher on the back of the dollar

has seen a lot from the top of its pyramid.

It used to know the hands of Americans

intimately, traveling from purchase to purchase

observing palms releasing the symbol-heavy

paper and receiving it, passing and

receiving it; the key and the scales,

the eagles, arrows and olive branch laying

right there in our grasp; the eye knowing

the royal road to consciousness is money

well spent and that people can buy themselves

out of trouble if they understand

the trouble they’re in. They can buy

time straight off the clock if they’re in the right

place at the right moment.


Carrie Sword (she/her; @DrCarrieSword) holds a bachelor's in English, a master’s in counseling psychology, and a doctorate in clinical psychology. She specializes in Jungian dreamwork through her psychotherapy practice. Pubs: Sky Island Journal, Ink Drinker's Poetry, FeversoftheMind Poetry. She holds an Associated Press Award for Feature Writing.

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