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  You could have a big dipper   

End of Hu-manity by SJ Townend

Everybody thought dolphins were the Einsteins of the planet, with their bottlenoses and their fancy echolocation. But Everybody carried on filling the ocean with junk anyway.

As it turns out, Everybody was wrong. Dolphins became plastic bottle-nosed and jellyfish, dead smellyfish, until one day, the most Da Vinci of all the creatures, which it just so happens, were the manatees, took, in their masses, to the shores. With their boing-boing prehensile lips, super heinous bulk, and a taste for air, they took out the human race and the land cows by belly flop and the sea cows then ruled the planet.


SJ Townend has been writing for 23 months--not non-stop, there have been breaks for food and sleep. SJ won the Secret Attic short story contest (Spring 2020) and was long listed for the Women on Writing non-fiction contest in 2020 too. Twitter: @SJTownend

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