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EMPTY BOWLS by Chigeru Delight

Early tunes of rumbling engulfs hearing threshold,

pitiful songs of ten thousand empty stomachs,

not a pleasant sound for a lad or lass,

sonic weapons of the present day earth.

As the compelling arms of hunger pull souls afar,

and the paws of its lasting pangs drowns many,

in deep oceans full of their tears and sorrow,

the dark days go on with intensity.

Working hard as golden rays from the sky strikes,

on our bare backs torn by the stripes of distress.

Working hard tilling grounds undefined,

hoping in their prolificacy for our little ones.

Though in abundance of rain we sing and dance,

and at the sight of blooming shoots, we smile.

There is never enough for satisfaction,

mortality takes the wheel and moves us all.

Waiting by the fire for dinner till forever,

with our steel plates and spoons in both hands,

till sleep descended like raindrops on our heads,

another morning with nothing to eat.


Chigeru Delight is a Nigeria writer. She is a creative poet and deep thinker. Delight is an undergraduate student of the University of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. Having a keen interest in literature, she has writes to inspire. Twitter: @ChigeruD

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