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  You could have a big dipper   

Echo by Katerina Neocleous

Because I took the form

of any that possessed me,

just as water does - in river/ girl,

vase/ daughter, sea/ woman;

and to be whatever I reflect,

learning to hide and give.

But I am more than

broken reeds and silt,

more than the sticklebacks

that dwell in summer’s pools

of copper sun. Give me

a name that sets me free

as we walk round the pond

my words, dredged out of mud

are rusty parts - corrupted, obsolete.

Look how the dying light cuts

golden shapes into the rising mist,

of weary gulls in flight.


Katerina Neocleous (she/her) is a British Greek poet and co edits Obsessed With Pipework. She is published widely in journals and anthologies. Her debut pamphlet, 'Wish' (Maytree Press) is available via her website A full collection is forthcoming.

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