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  You could have a big dipper   

Earth Wonder by Olivia Onyekwena

you’d often tell me

to look for a sign up in the sky

except I can’t tell the days apart

each one moonwalking on blurred lines

into the next

meddling with the memories I save for later

the moon bay is a little different from before

scattered ashes like a sky explosion

this time, only in tiny twinkles of stars

and bits of the half moon

that escape definition

nonetheless, I already know what you are

since the first day I saw you, earth divine you were

the rain showers glossing over your majestic glory

like you own the world; which you do.


Olivia Onyekwena is a writer from Nigeria. She loves sunsets, sunflowers and a thrilling game of football. Her work has been published in Northern Otter Journal, Lazy women and Conscio Magazine. Twitter: @oliviaakwena

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