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Each Time by Lisa Molina

CW: Childhood cancer

A poem about my young child’s battles with cancer.

Each time your lips

are pale like snow

Each time you complain

of aching bones

Each time you sleep

for hours a day

Each time a cold

won’t go away


Each time like these

flash memories

Each time the years

of suffering

Each time, 3, much

worse than before

Each time you cried,

“No more! No more!”


Each time red blood

drips from your nose

Each time a purple

bruise that grows

Each time a reminder

Of strength and grace

Each time you

Stared fear in the face.


Lisa Molina is a writer in Austin, Texas. She has taught high school English, was Associate Publisher of Austin Family Magazine, and now works with students with special needs. Her writing can be found in numerous online and print journals including Beyond Words Magazine, Trouvaille Review, and Neologism Poetry. Twitter @lisabmolina1

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