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  You could have a big dipper   

Dreams by Anna E. Fullmer

The sun silently turns its head and slips away from the heated conversation. The moon smiles,

an eager, lopsided grin, but says nothing, loves nothing more than this push and shove. Stars and sand clash—who has more, who is more? The sky darkens. The ocean sprays and churns.

Hush, the wind sighs and turns up the radio. Fleetwood Mac is on.


Anna E. Fullmer (she/her) is a Library Assistant at Cleveland Public Library in the Youth Department, slinging storytimes about the ABCs. She sings in a band and writes songs, poems, and to-do lists. Her work has appeared in The Daily Drunk,FEED, and Not Deer Magazine. She offers editorial services for Versification's THE REJECTS. Twitter @anna_fullmer

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