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  You could have a big dipper   

Dracula is usually at last call by Nate Hoil

Some days are better than burning alive.

Together we crush a twelve pack then

I change clown costumes and go back outside.

“We’ve been over this.”

I tell myself.

“You and I are the same person.”

I tell myself be quiet.

and go to the bar.

I tell you a story there.

I tell you which radio stations you wouldn’t want to listen to.

You wouldn’t want to listen to the people broadcasted on them.

I point out how waste merchants dig your money up.

How the government counts

clock ticks between moves and counts sheep before bed.

“I can’t take another month of this,” we both agree.

One month later we are still outside smoking cigarettes.

We tallboy the evening away like

Santa Claus is coming to every town but ours.


Nate Hoil is not who he says he is. You can find more of his work at Twitter/instagram- @natehoil

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