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Disclosures by Hameedah Aruwa

A river may appear boundless to the eyes

But only its roots will determine its lifespan. A timeless realm is

Called eternal, but belief in eternity itself is timebound. A mirage. The

Delusive figments of a mind's imaginations. Like, committing to

'Eternity' with your partner only to

Find them cuddling another. Only to find them in a nest, that is not yours.

Get a notepad,

Heave your pain unto its pages.

Ink your sorrows, letter by letter. You see, no measure of affection would do

Justice to the heart of man.

Know this &

Let your heart know peace. Know that the way to preserve love is if lovers are willing to

Make evident efforts. &

No amount

Of foreknowledge is sufficient to

Prepare a mind for the poignant venom of a beloved's treachery, nor of the ensuing

Quietness that infiltrates the soul. After you have doused your spirit in somber waters,

Rely on your innate abilities to salvage your

Sanity from the jaws of dismay. Heal.

To love, is to bare the soul open. To bare the soul open, is to

Unlock the jars of pain & ache. I am not

Very sure of

What the next line should read. & although I often question the role of letter

X in 'faux',

You must know, that these words aren't faux but inspired, by the

Zeal to express the self & be heard.


HAMEEDAH ARUWA is a literary aficionado, a sprouting writer from Nigeria. She writes poetry and prose. She participated in the Prof. Jimoh Talent Hunt, where she emerged the best prose writer in December, 2019. Her work appears in Praxis Magazine. She is a poetry lover & looks forward to sharing more of her works. She tweets @Ugbede_Aruwa

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