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Dear Buddha by Grae J. Wall

Dear Buddha

It’s been a while I know

I do apologise

But stuff gets in the way

These silly complications

Books to read


But I’m here now

And so are you

So set in stone

And pond-side contemplation

I’m sure you understand

You always do

So much to exhale

You wouldn’t believe

Not so many frogs this year

Perhaps it’s the heat

And the cat’s not so keen

Bless her

I’m so done with it all

But I see no path ahead

Just snapshots of Arles

And moments in Seville

These scriptures and hymns

Are where I seem to belong

Lenny and Phoebe

The Milk Carton Kids

Charlie’s blues

And the streets of Paris

Let me focus

Let it all go

For a moment at least

Bask in the glow

Of this summer garden heat

And breathe

If there’s any chance

You could point a way

There’s no real hurry

No real distress

I’m sure it will emerge

Somewhere in the undergrowth

But thanks for listening anyway

It always helps

And let’s not leave it so long

Next time

Yours as always

Alban’s son

Lost and confused

And almost done


Grae J. Wall is a poet, troubadour and lomographer from St Albans in the UK. Grae’s poems come from journeys of discovery, times of struggle, sometimes dark, sometimes silly, empathy, confusion, red wine, crazy times, compassion and a wry smile. The Sound of Revolution is available from whilst a number of poetry recordings can be found at

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