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  You could have a big dipper   

Connecting by Geraldine Fleming

it wasn't like the wind blowing up the grey lough it heaved with excess extra oxygen extra body extra vigour high fidelity luma and chroma fizzling with hope

like the swish-swirling rush

of water in barrels rolling from one side of a yard to the other for no reason whipping up creamola'd swells only to lash them ashore in gurgles of delight

sight transcends the field of vision vastness melding with the bleached horizon and below a narrowed ribbon beach stitched between here and there

all daring you to step forward step one step two step more power drawn from cosmic rites lending its inspiration to your soul in rapport with the ocean

how you grow

rolling waves of rapturous tears return to the lough

how you grow


Geraldine Fleming retired early from an all-consuming career due to ill health. Bereft of purpose in her new life she found myself drawn back into past interests. This newfound freedom allows Geraldine to renew her interest in creative writing. She is a member of the Causeway U3A Portstewart Writing Group in Northern Ireland and enjoys writing both prose and poetry.In 2019 she was highly commended in the Bangor Literary Journal and more recently published in Pendemic.

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