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Concave Narratives by Anthony Salandy

Condemnation arises from gluts

Of media narratives Machiavellian

Where convoluted are truths

And validating echoes

That bow down to feelings contradictory,

En masse in resilient narratives changing,

Never stagnant, but ever returning

To concave sentiments,

But return as vocals worldly do

To academic prowess

And folk devils absolute,

Can glimmers of veracity

Be seen to illuminate warped fields

Where cyclical repetition predetermines

Casual interactions,

And depressed are young minds

By media amplification, always concave,

Always driven by recurrent narratives

Obscured by hidden agendas

And capital lobbying fraudulent,

But never held accountable.


Anthony is a mixed-race poet & writer whose work tends to focus on social inequality throughout late-modern society. Anthony's work has been published 140 times.

Twitter/Instagram: @anthony64120 Anthony is the Co-Eic of Fahmidan Journal.

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