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  You could have a big dipper   

Communion by Winston Plowes

After a long time rustling in the snack mine

you bring me cool beer and salted crisps

leaving extra black sunflower seeds

for the birds as you pass the open window.

As you get closer, socks buffing the laminate

hands parting the foil seal to let the taste out

two soft, smoked grey doves land on the windowsill

and we are eating together, you and me,

and the doves that mate for life.


Winston Plowes shares his floating home in Calderdale UK with his seventeen-year-old cat, Sausage. He teaches creative writing in schools, universities and to local groups while she dreams of Mouseland. His latest collection, Tales from the Tachograph was published jointly with Gaia Holmes in 2018 by Calder Valley Poetry. Twitter: @WinstonPlowes

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