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  You could have a big dipper   

Capybara by Ren Koppel Torres

Cinderblock-shaped delight, you scrutinize me

with your squinty, sidelong gaze.

Go take a swim with your lemons and

your friends, you ungraceful fellow!

Know that I became a vegan the very day

I discovered that you were an animal and not,

As I once assumed, an exotic variety of coconut.

You are probably not very soft but nonetheless

I would sell my house (if I owned one) to pet you.


Ren Koppel Torres is a 17-year-old Jewish-Mexican-American artist living in Austin, Texas. Ren is the author of the fantasy novel The Shadow in Her Pocket, and the founder of the Latino arts magazine Alebrijes Review. Ren is passionate about philosophy, photography, rock music, and trucks. Website: Twitter: @KoppelTorres.

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