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  You could have a big dipper   

Butterfly by Damien Posterino

You said I was like a butterfly

fluttering along like a silly song

in my technicolour dream coat.

I didn’t take life seriously enough

for you with all your bullet points,

and matching socks and underwear.

I wasn’t a deviser or a methodist

who always coloured inside the lines.

Let me streak and scream in a field.

The world needs wild kites in the wind.

I can still recite your earnest mantras;

Two steps ahead makes early doors,

clean as you cook catches the worm,

you always said…or something like that.

I so loved your eyes but they frowned

when I frittered on my chaise lounge,

there was just never room for two.

You really should have loved a moth.


Damien Posterino (he/him) is a poet currently writing full time. Damien is Melbourne born but has also made London, Bangkok, Singapore & Mexico his homes at different times. His poetry explores themes of characters, commentary and capturing moments in time. He has been published in recent editions of Fiery Scribe Review, Neuro Logical, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine, Abergavenny Small Press, BOMBFIRE, Jupiter Review, Fairy Piece Magazine, Poetic Sun Journal, Green Ink Poetry, JFA - Justice For All and Zero Readers. You can find him on Twitter at

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