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Brown Trains by John L. Stanizzi

Passengers board brown trains

in brown cities

brown days

and the moon is livid

broad glow on snappish leaves

The earthworms sketch brown

in tall grass

and the passing of the day

At night a fire roars

and in its light

an old woman gathers twigs

dried and brown

Smoke rises in cages of light

Your eyes

brown in the heat

brown in the rain of long moments

are full of the light

that guides the passengers to brown trains

in brown cities

brown days


John L. Stanizzi - eleven collections, including recently, Pond, and The Tree That Lights the Way Home, Chants. John has been in Prairie Schooner, American Life In Poetry, others. Translations appear in Italy. Nonfiction - Stone Coast Review, Ovunque Siamo, others. Artist Fellowship in 2021 in CT.

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