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  You could have a big dipper   

Brooklyn by Em Marie

2x egg and cheese on toasted everything

bagels. 1 w/ ketchup, 1 w/o. Spare keys

in pocket, let myself back in. Don’t read into it.

Casually curated; article recommends, a little music,

humor, humor. Well timed - spaced accordingly - I

hope. Head first into the work week. Neither really

looking for…

Pick up tacos, talk late night. Deadlines.

Asleep before the movie’s arch. New morning

humor. I wonder. Slide the wishing bean from the night

stand into my pocket. Instructions read: make wish,

hold on to for 7 days. Then discard, best to bury in soil.

I wait. Then, put us thumbs deep

into the spider plant hanging in my window.


Em Marie is a white Queer writer & artist living in Brooklyn, NY (colonized land of the Lenape). Em is a 2023 MFA Poetry candidate at Mills College (Oakland, CA colonized land of the Ohlone). Instagram: @bobthetriceratops

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