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  You could have a big dipper   

Breakfast at Dany's by Dany Bowen

bless you


bartender of the


& it makes me

go like this


flings star


tings stinging mirror

ing mingling single

ing we sing w

e st ward scores spatsplodgeydodgy


slapped & scrapped &

revo-do-something stupid


specialist=remedy=answered correct

well done god is this good & is this goods=good=god=yes=

manoeuvre board!

(another one another one now please yes yes and yes)


Dany Bowen [he/him] is a poet and composer originating from Manchester but currently living in Leeds, where he is studying a BA in English Literature & Music. He is working on his debut pamphlet 2028: DEAD! as part of his Final Year Project, which is a collection of experimental poetry ruminating on the accelerating pace of life. You can find him on Twitter: @dany_bowen_

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