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  You could have a big dipper   

boys will be boys by Aubri Kaufman

on the fourth day after finding out,

I fold myself into crisp, neat lines

on the hotel floor, to spare the sheets

I never took that class, never learned

swans, or frogs, or cranes

but I remember fortune tellers

I first folded at thirteen

where you told me to wait, behind the stage

in the auditorium broom closet

and I became the hare,

a pelt, being chased

all in good fun

oh, to be a paper crane, a swan,

a frog, even; instead – a pelt

instead, a novelty.


Aubri Kaufman (she/her) is a poet and a mental health clinician from New Jersey. Some of her recent work is featured in Eunoia Review, The Daily Drunk, and Pink Plastic House. She can be found on Twitter at @aubrirose

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