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Boiled Peanuts by Sarah Morris Shux

Once while driving through South Carolina

My sister and I ate boiled peanuts

For the first time

And counted all the cemeteries that we saw.

As a child,

I wondered why the south

Had so many graveyards.

Now, as an adult,

I know it’s because there is so much there

Which requires


Tourists will often mistake bones

For ancient tree roots.

Some locals

Still do this

As well.


Sarah Morris Shux (she/her) is a poet, screenwriter and short story writer currently living in Los Angeles with her very loud Siamese cat, King Tut. When she isn't writing, she enjoys anything horror related, roller skating, spending too much money on vinyl records and plants and stress baking. Find her on Twitter @MsShux and on Instagram @awwshux

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