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  You could have a big dipper   

BLUEBELL ~ by Victoria Punch

the strong curve of the

long back bent over

in the woodland shade,

ancient origin so dinosaur

in the damp,

historian of the forest.

slow stem of the spine unfolds

the hood of the S, the lean of the tail end –

bells hung, bright and thin, lilac. ominous

crying in the fey and the fell

leaf skin left behind after the

flower’s late fall in the long grass

your bulb of an eye sits

seeded and scaled

head laden, serpentine

holding up the clatter bag

in leaf layers, that blueprint

rattle pod to hold off extinction

I can’t pick you

up, only marvel,

walk carefully by



Victoria Punch is a voice coach and musician, writing from her home in Devon between the moors and the sea. She is curious about voice and identity, the limits of language and how we perceive things: her poetry comes from these explorations. She can be found on Instagram & Twitter @victoriapunch_ or at

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