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  You could have a big dipper   

Bleach Blonde by Teresa Brickey

CW: mention of rape

Boxed hair dye,


Cure this broken heart.

I am Tonya Harding,

Call me white trash and

I will spit in your goddamn milk.

Now, in bed, I lay alone,

Where you used to be.

Lol, how mf sad.

When I was five,

I dressed up as Medusa For Halloween.

She was raped, too.

At Disney World,

Gut me, from the inside out and outside in,

I will call you my Pinocchio, baby.

When it rains, let it pour

All the way down my throat,

Until I don’t think about you anymore.


Teresa Brickey is a manic 24 year old poet located in Chicago, IL. When she isn't trying to put a pen to paper, she fills her time teaching high school English, watching slasher films, and doting on her three cats. You can follow her on twitter @teresatooturnt

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