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Behind the Scenes with Executives in Charge of Toasters by Robert Fromberg

We burn our fingers pulling toasty toast from the toaster. We, the people, have been doing so for years. One way of looking at this situation is that we never learn. Another way is that Toaster Industry Executives, in the conference rooms where they discuss Very Important Toaster Matters, are snickering to one another as they witness on a big toast-shaped screen the day’s finger figures showing how many of us, us the people, have burned our fingers that day, that month, and year to date, and of course the variance—positive or (negative)—from prior periods and projections. I can tell you because I have been a witness: These meetings are just for their amusement. They especially like a graph that moves up from left to right, the bars resembling an extended index finger, ready for its pain.


Robert Fromberg's memoir, How to Walk with Steve, is coming soon from Latah Books. He has prose in Indiana Review, Litro Magazine, Bellingham Review, and many other journals. He taught Very Serious Writing at Northwestern University for many years, many years ago. Twitter: @robfromberg.

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