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  You could have a big dipper   

April Full by Vera Zakharov

You pull up your spring skirt

of sap rising


stirring up a scent of sex

and honey

lighting up a white frill

of thorn flower


you thrill me

with your come hither

hover over

like a waiting lover.

And I’m a sucker

for the drama of anticipation,

so egg it on

and draw me out of my earth.

Even the worms

are writhing

fools in the moon glow

heads raised

in devotion

to your flesh-flushed

warmth arriving.


Vera is a Russian-American-Brit living in Brighton with a toddler, a partner and a cat. She campaigns on food issues, runs foraging sessions, and is fairly new to sharing poetry publicly. Her work has been published in fabric-ation eco-poetry anthology, and the Poetrygram Annual 2020.


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