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  You could have a big dipper   

Antagonists by Megan Hamilton

You think that I'm the villain

but honey, you’re a footnote.

I carved you up with painted fingernails,

you crept up behind me and slit my throat.

I’ll wear your spit like a trophy,

lick the salt from your cheeks,

your blood from my knuckles.

There’s a rift a thousand words deep.

You’re not a knock on the door

but a rock through the window,

splattered me like red wine across the table.

Sure darling, you’re the hero.


Megan Hamilton (she/her) is a School Librarian from Bognor Regis, currently studying for her MA in Creative Writing with The Open University. Her poetry has been published in Up! Magazine and Visual Verse. Her Instagram and Twitter are @meganann1310

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