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An Ode to the Girls I’ve Shared My Location With by Lucia Gallipoli

Showing up at ten PM

on a stranger’s stoop

is always going to feel

like levitation.

I have never felt more alive

than I have in the moments

when when I have matched

with someone on Tinder

and met them hours later

questionably aware

of the ways the encounter

could go south.

Breaking a bout of boredom

has, historically speaking,

demanded irresponsibility,

and taking an Uber

to some random man’s home

has never been easier.

Maybe, they should use that concept

for their next marketing campaign.


Lucia Gallipoli is an undergraduate student concentrating in sexuality, love, and art. She is probably lost somewhere in the cycle of worshipping Mitski and Kate Bush via Spotify and forgetting that they exist for a few weeks. Her book reviews can be found on Instagram @TenderPages. Her Twitter handle is @HottieDearest.

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