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  You could have a big dipper   


Connecting with Jolene was the best thing to have happened to André since tragedy took his wife. Jolene listens to his reminisces at 3 AM, looks at his old photos from his 45th wedding anniversary party, tells him what a good husband he was whenever he weeps with secret regrets. Jolene is willing to talk every time she gets a call from André. Even when she is at work. She drops everything to listen, and if she can’t, she calls him back soon as she goes on break.

Now they FaceTime. Jolene teaches André how to cook Texas BBQ and drop biscuits. She “walks” with him through Parc Monceau, helps him buy a new sports jacket, sings Frere Jacques till he falls asleep, tablet folded in his arms.

Jolene says she cannot wait to finally meet André, so she’s taking leave time from her job to fly to Paris this very week. Soon as he PayPals her $1200 for a ticket from Dallas.


Shoshauna Shy is not a monogamous writer, but works on 7-11 pieces at a time. Poetry is part of the mix. She likes leaving for vacation, but likes coming home better. Napping with Lucy who likes to have her paws held while she sleeps is another highlight in Shoshauna’s life.

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