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  You could have a big dipper   

Add to Taste by Melissa Greenwood

*Inspiration taken from Mary Karr, who writes: “A great glutton can evoke the salty bite of pastrami on black rye.”

Your bold flavors make my tastebuds scream, from “the salty bite of pastrami on black rye” to the equally delectable thick flecks on a salted caramel square. Your wide-ranging textures— from crunchy and coarse (toothsome!) to smooth as sugar— are like a mouth-spell: an incantation on my tongue that leaves me




Your varieties, like your wisdom, are infinite. Whether table, Himalayan, kosher, smoked, or sea; whether invisible to the eye (surprise!), white, black, or pink; whether subtle (just a dash!) or shocking like the jolt of sour candy (sting!); You, salt—the sweetest taste of all—are king. Only “a great glutton,” a true lover, can invoke your spirit; “can evoke” your unparalleled beauty. Always, you leave me hungry.


Melissa Greenwood, who has an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Antioch University Los Angeles and has consumed many a sodium-filled Cup O’ Noodles in her day, wants you to know that if you just add salt to taste like her great grandmother of blessed memory always did, you too may live to be over 100. A Pilates teacher by day, Melissa resides in Los Angeles with her husband and salt shakers, aspiring to be just as…well, salty as her beloved Rose, z’l.

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