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  You could have a big dipper   

a sad truth you can learn about love is that love is not enough by Mark Danowsky

The morning after another night that begins under the pretext of our last

I write a list of what I want in a relationship

In the list I list everything that has nothing to do with love

or that is what I tell myself

On the list of what is not love

I tell myself I am looking for a version of myself

If you were to review the list I hope you would say

all of this adds up to love


Mark Danowsky is Editor-in-Chief of ONE ART: a journal of poetry, Senior Editor for Schuylkill Valley Journal, Poetry Craft Essays Editor for Cleaver Magazine, and a Regular Contributor for Versification. He is author of the poetry collection As Falls Trees (NightBallet Press) and JAWN forthcoming from Moonstone Press.

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