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  You could have a big dipper   

a poet’s love supreme by Brian J. Alvarado

some Hancock played

on shuffle the other day-

I Thought It Was You,

walking on mahogany

fretboards, and dancing

on electric keys while i

stumbled to keep up

with my two left feet,

loving every pirouette

your cultivated Chick

to my bootleg Bobby, we’d

manage our way to Spain

‘round midnight and back,

taking long field trips through

through analects of confusion

Bhagavad Gita plainchant and

Dichterliebe along the way

without ever leaving your

bedroom studio, save

for a kid creole and

some spring rolls.

for unraveling arabesque

sequences into lush

whole-tone landscapes,

byrning holes through

any sense that

school had taught us

and flirting with

tritones and picardy’s

was where you

knew real peace, and i

a poet’s love supreme,

teaching me what it meant

to find the blue in green.

it’s been over a year

without you, and i haven’t

traveled since, missing

the hues we invented



Brian (@wrdsrch) is a Puerto-Haitian Bronxite who writes and sings. Recent work is featured and/or forthcoming in Thimble, FERAL, Trouvaille, SHIFT, Cajun Mutt, Versification, and Book of Matches, among others. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University.

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