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A Love Story As Told Through Color by Lia Nizen

I am...

Tiger blood,

scarlet stains on morning marmalade.

Sweet sangria signs,

amber flames licking the evening sky.

She is...

Golden Tuscan sun,

dandelion fire on a bright afternoon.

Biscotti blonde beacons,

porcelain stars staining the night.

They are...

Iridescent sapphire,

arctic Aegean shades on a gentle setting sun.

Sharp azure stones,

cobalt slate waves disrupting the night.

We are...

Marigold’s mind, ebony eyes.

Lilac lips, honey heart.


Fog, flint, flame.


Lia Nizen (she/they) is a teacher, CNA, and full-time college student. Residing in Wilmington, NC, they are locally known by their brand, LNPoetry. As a disabled woman, Lia has always found refuge in writing and hopes to help others find the same strength and safety she has. You can find her on social media: @therealLNpoetry or on her website:

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