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A Conversation But Instead of a Conversation It's a Scream That Doesn't End by Laura Martens

so now i am googling synonyms for sad

i guess

and google says did you mean

what is a fancy word for sad

and yes i think i do, also how

many searches are needed for

an algorithm to feel confident enough

to propose this phrasing to me

(like mine was lacking, somehow)

(well, f u too)

(i don’t mean that i love you)

(you are a machine and use the word fancy)

so i stare at despairing despondent

disconsolate downcast downhearted aah

the sweet smell of alliterations

anyway, they did a scientific study once, on how

many hugs you need per day

(4 for survival, 8 for maintenance,

12 for growth, in case you’re interested)

so i have to look that up, and google

tries to be helpful again

how many hugs—

do you need a day

should you get a day

does a person need

a day to be happy?

so i delete, delete, delete

then type

what to do if you are scientifically dead

wow, 18,000,000 results

but no did you mean this time

come on, google,

i really thought we had something going here

so now i am googling synonyms for disappointed

i guess

and google says did you mean

what is a weaker word for disappointed?

ehh no

but I think you might

and you know what happens next


Laura Martens (she/her) is based in London, UK, where she writes things and sells books. She loves skyscrapers, busy train stations and cafés with window seats. Her debut novel was published in Germany in 2011

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