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  You could have a big dipper   

50/50 by Bill Diamond

It was an exciting Summer of engagements and weddings. Love. Commitment. Optimism. Soaring expectations and uncritical assumptions.

To Kora, it seemed all of her friends were taking the leap. She scanned the room of the latest celebration. The hope and happiness were tangible and contagious.

However, Cora knew half of all marriages fail. Which of these euphoric couples would beat the odds and grasp the dreamy ‘happily ever after’? And, who would crash and divorce?

It wasn’t the time to raise such a practical, but painfully depressing fact. With fingers crossed, she squeezed her fiancé’s hand. Did even asking the question curse her chances?


Bill Diamond lives in Colorado where the Rocky Mountains are both an inspiration and a distraction. He writes to try and figure it all out.

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