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21st Century Feels by Louiza Lazarou

It’s hard to feel things

when you’ve spent years

numbing everything

with fiction and booze,

patching up wounds

with stale bread.

All I hear is dead rockstars

playing intimate gigs in my head,

while I stare

at the only canvas painting

I have ever made.

Its cakey acrylic blend

attempts to be

a psychedelic emblem

but instead,

an unfulfilled dream

is staring back at me.

The day requires I engage with my past,

but all I want to do is binge Netflix.


Louiza Lazarou is a poet from Nicosia, Cyprus. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Brighton, and has since been a part of Megan Falley’s Poems That Don’t Suck community. Her work has been published in independent Cypriot journals. She runs on coffee. (@floortimewithloui on instagram)

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