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  This can be my testimony  


Looking for some awesome feedback to give your writing an extra edge? If so, Sledgehammer has got your back with our new editorial feedback service!


For a minimum donation of $6 USD, our editorial staff members will go over your work with a fine tooth comb, giving honest feedback and suggestions on how to make your pieces bring the blue sky back. It can be your testimony.


It’s super easy: Submit your work through our submissions portal, then do some aeroplane flying over to our PayPal and make your donation. Make sure you include your name and email address (as it appears in your submission) so we can get back to you faster than a steam train.




Not quite ready to submit? No problemo! Team Sledge is here for you. We are totally keen to provide feedback on your works-in-progress, provided they fall within Sledgehammer's submission guidelines. We want to get your work in submission shape whether you plan on sending it to us or elsewhere. Hit us up with a minimum donation of $6 USD on Paypal, email us your document, and we will dig into it. 

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