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Sledgehammer Lit publishes exuberant poetry and flash 4x daily.

special announcement:


20 August


We want to tear down the walls, shatter preconceptions, and break down barriers. We also want to showcase exuberant poetry and flash.


We appreciate technicolour imagery, geographical settings brought to life, and acrobatic turns of phrase. Show us the beauty within the ugliness. Peel back the layers of the onion to reveal inner truths. Bring us your contradictions. Give us gritty realism with a side dish of vulnerability. Be weird. Be a goofball. Give us sarcasm with sincerity. Make us laugh or make us cry, make us FEEL something. Be yourself, quirks and all. We adore surprises. 


Feel free to experiment. Throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. 


If stuck for inspiration, take a look at our growing archive of published work, or seek guidance from the vast iconography of Peter Gabriel's back catalogue. Though not affiliated with Sledgehammer Lit, he is its de facto patron saint. 

Sledgehammer Lit welcomes all, including BIPOC / LGBTQ+ /marginalised creators

Feeling Generous? Click here to support Sledgehammer. Any little bit helps keep the lights on. 


Sledgehammer Lit is no longer a one-man show. We are thrilled to enter our next submission with a staff of rockstars who will make Sledgehammer even better as we grow.

Meet the Sledgehammer Team at our new Masthead page, where it's always Hammertime!

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Sledgehammer Lit is making some changes to the way we handle submissions, but one thing will never change:We love our contributors! 


20 August

• standby for revised submission guidelines •


Sledgehammer will be migrating to a form-based submission platform. We believe this new system will be user friendly and help Sledgehammer retain its lightning fast decision times. 

Watch this space:updated submission guidelines will be published soon.

RACISM, SEXISM, HOMOPHOBIA, ABUSE, ETC is not welcome at Sledgehammer Lit. This should go without saying but we're gonna say it anyway. 

Any Questions?

no submissions through this form, please 

Thanks for submitting!

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