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Sledgehammer Lit is the new lit mag on the block.


We want to tear down the walls, shatter preconceptions, and break down barriers. We also want to showcase exuberant poetry and flash.


We appreciate technicolour imagery, geographical settings brought to life, and acrobatic turns of phrase. Show us the beauty within the ugliness. Peel back the layers of the onion to reveal inner truths. Bring us your contradictions. Give us gritty realism with a side dish of vulnerability. Give us sarcasm with sincerity. Make us laugh or make us cry. Be yourself, quirks and all. We adore surprises. 


Feel free to experiment. Throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. 

Sledgehammer Lit aims to post multiple features weekly, and anticipates submission calls for special themed issues in the future (when we get the hang of what we're doing).


If stuck for inspiration, seek guidance from the vast iconography of Peter Gabriel's back catalogue. Though not affiliated with Sledgehammer Lit, he is its de facto patron saint. 

Sledgehammer Lit welcomes all, including BIPOC / LGBTQ+ /marginalised creators

Feeling Generous? Click here to support Sledgehammer. Any little bit helps keep the lights on. 


J. Archer Avary [he/him] is the editor. 

Sledgehammer Lit is a one man show (at least for now) 

J. Archer Avary is a former TV journalist, champion lionfish hunter, and hot sauce aficionado. 

He was born in Albuquerque NM and lived in several cities including Omaha NE, Atlanta GA, Asheville NC, Tyler TX, Brunswick GA, Greensboro NC, Nashville TN, and Milwaukee WI before leaving the US in 2014 for the island of Grand Cayman.

He is now based in Guernsey (UK Channel Islands) where he lives with his wife. He writes poems and stories when he's not drinking hot sauce straight from the bottle.

He writes stuff you can read here.

Submit (open)

Sledgehammer Lit accepts submissions of poetry and flash on a rolling basis. We love our contributors!


Send your work in.doc or .doc(x) format to:

POETRY: please submit 2 to 5 poems in a single document, single spaced (unless the poem needs room to breathe, then by all means let it breathe). 

FLASH: please submit up to 4 pieces in a single document.1000 words max per piece, double spaced, to a maximum total word count of 2000 words. 


PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED MATERIAL: not accepted. (including social media and personal blogs) 

THEME: none... but we may announce special themed submission calls in the future as we grow and (hopefully) flourish. 

PAYMENT & FEES: no fee, no pay.

SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: yes, but let us know ASAP if your work is accepted elsewhere. (and congrats!)

COVER LETTER: sure, a friendly hello but no need for a formal letter. it's nice to know a little about you when considering your art.

RESPONSE TIME: we don't keep your pieces in limbo for ages and ages. We try for a next-day response, but allow us up to a month to respond before giving us a nudge. 

NEXT SUBMISSION: you can submit again right away if your work is accepted/declined, but keep in mind that contributors will be limited to one publication in Sledgehammer per calendar month.

AUTHOR BIO: I can't say this enough, keep it short - 50 words max, in 3rd person. Please include your preferred pronouns and a Twitter handle, if applicable. (we use it to promote your work among the twitter literati)


● By submitting to us, if accepted, you grant us first electronic rights and non-exclusive archival rights.

● All submissions remain the intellectual property of the artist. Rights revert to author upon publication.

● Please credit Sledgehammer Lit if your work is republished in the future.

RACISM, SEXISM, HOMOPHOBIA, ABUSE, ETC is not welcome at Sledgehammer Lit. This should go without saying but we're gonna say it anyway. 

Any Questions?

no submissions through this form, please 

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